A letter from a partner...
    Moving from the Los Angeles market to the Denver market has been an adjustment for me (from the organized chaos of a top five agency, to the less saturated, slower paced market in Denver), working in both places has given me the advantage to understand what a successful actor needs.  By “successful’, I mean talent that books jobs.  Successful talent is consistent, professional, has drive, and knows the reason why they are in the business. Actors that book jobs know that bookings are not usually achieved without preparation, hard work, sacrifice, gratitude, patience, and a little luck on their side.  We live in a society where everything is organized, provides instant gratification, and we do not like to hear ‘no’… this is not the life of an actor!

    I have also learned that actors who accept that this is a ‘no guarantees biz’, find a balance between professionalism, humor, responsibility, flexibility, and open mindedness; they are the most successful in the industry. They also have the ability to fly by the seat of their pants!

 In LA, it is a ‘dog eat dog world’ where there is no room for error. Perfection is the key and expectations are rampant. It is expected that actors have updated head shots, resumes, IMDb pages, demo reels, performance links, publicity packets, can do! attitudes, and no excuses. It is or it ain’t and move on to the next! LA is a market where talent is rewarded for meeting the expectations.

 In Denver, the line has not been so clearly drawn. When I first started working here, I brought expectations instilled in me from LA and I quickly realized I wasn’t in Kansas anymore and tried to click my red ruby slippers together to go home. To be honest, there are professional actors in Denver who have it together and do meet the expectations of the LA market. There is a lot of talent in Denver, but the reality is there are not enough professional actors in Denver. I often hear excuses about why an actor does not have an updated resume, head shot, slate, or demo reel. Come on people, these are your tools! I also hear all kinds of excuses about why actors can’t be on time, are not studying, could not make an audition, or stay committed to their availability dates. As talent managers and agents; we get frustrated with the excuses and the lack of professionalism from talent because we want the best for you and the agency as a whole. I often hear talent in Denver question why they don’t book jobs. The simple answer is because they fail to meet expectations clients have of them. TALENT THAT IS PROFESSIONAL AND WORKS HARD, BOOKS JOBS!

 If you are an actor or are the parent of a child actor reading this blog: ask yourself if you meet the expectations of an LA actor. If you answer ‘no’ you really are doing yourself a disservice as well as keeping yourself from excelling in the industry you love and your dreams. The Denver market is growing. Are you ready?  ~Wendy W.


Know industry terms

Be on time

Have updated resumes, headshots, slates, and performance links

Continue to study

Stay committed to availability dates

Mind your manners

Engage yourself in the community outside of your agency

Invest both time and money into your craft

Be grateful for the opportunities presented to you and take advantage of them.

Understand that an audition is a job interview and always put your best foot forward!

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